Job Placement

What is the Job Focus Program?

Our Job Placement program is called Job Focus. This is an employment program for persons with disabilities which has two primary objectives:

  • Assisting qualified people with disabilities to obtain employment, and
  • Supporting organizations to access a largely untapped source of qualified employees.

Why Job Focus?

Human beings are capable of overcoming the toughest barriers when they have the right support.

3,600,000 Canadians have a physical disability and at least half of them are unemployed even though they have the skills and will to work.

Research has shown that employees with disabilities generally contribute to improved productivity, morale, and job retention rates.

Our Free Services for Employers

Recruiting new employees can be daunting and costly. The Job Focus Program is designed to help you find the right candidate, the first time. We offer a range of services for employers at no cost:

  • Advertising of existing vacancies in the Job Focus Resource Centre;
  • Recruiting and screening of potential candidates for available part-time, full-time, or volunteer positions;
  • Referring candidates who meet your criteria for an interview;
  • Assisting with the planning and orientation of participants to enhance their value to your organization;
  • Providing flexible support and ongoing follow-up services;
  • If necessary, we also provide assistance with workplace set-up and accommodations; and,
  • In some cases, we may even offer a wage subsidy to reduce the cost of on-the-job

Create positive changes in your company, diversify your workforce.