Gary Birch to Receive Global Citizenship Award from UBC Alumni Association

October 13, 2009

BURNABY, BRITISH COLUMBIA–(Marketwire – Nov. 2, 2009) – On Tuesday, November 10th, Gary Birch, Executive Director of the Neil Squire Society, will be honoured with a Global Citizenship Award at the 15th Annual University of British Columbia Alumni Achievement Awards.

The Global Citizenship Award recognizes a University of British Columbia graduate who has made a significant contribution to the betterment of the global community through one or more of the following: research initiatives, teaching, social, cultural or artistic innovation, healthcare, economic development, human rights and environmental protection.

The reception and awards ceremony takes place from 5:30 – 8:00 pm, followed by the Elements of Achievement After Party at the Life Sciences Centre at the University of British Columbia, and is hosted by Global TV travel consultant and Travel Best Bets president, Claire Newell (new window) , and CBC reporter, Duncan McCue (new window).

About the Neil Squire Society

The Neil Squire Society is the only not-for-profit organization in Canada that for the past 25 years has used technology, knowledge and passion to empower Canadians with physical disabilities. The Society has developed innovative programs and services and some of the world’s leading edge assistive technology for people with physical disabilities. More than 20,000 people with disabilities in Canada have benefited from the work of the Society. With about fifty staff, the Neil Squire Society has offices and provides services to Canadian in Vancouver, Regina, Ottawa, Fredericton, and Moncton, as well as to many small communities across Canada via distance education.

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