Graduation Day for Employ-Ability Class 56

April 2, 2009

Six students successfully graduated from the Employ-Ability program in Burnaby, BC, on March 6th, 2009. There were tears and laughter as each student spoke about their experiences in front of family and friends and received their certificates. The group was a particularly tight one and, much to the surprise of the Employ-Ability staff, collectively wrote a poem which was read at the ceremony by Ruth Matemotja:

You did your best to give us what we needed
We witnessed your kindness, knowledge and your friendship
You are the rock of the needy
You made us carry ourselves with a high spirit
You gave us courage, power and hope
We are not crawling on our knees and hands anymore
We have learned peace and joy here at Neil squire
The Pain and the sadness we had
Neil Squire took all that
The tears and the loneliness
Neil Squire turned that into happiness
Neil Squire you are the path and pillar of many
We love you Neil Squire

– From all of us, Class 56

Congratulations graduates! We wish you all the best!

Intakes are underway for the next class which starts on March 30th. For more information about the Employ-Ability program, please contact Chris Wright at