Happy Mother’s Day! Lisa Shows Her Love With Her Newfound Computer Skills

May 8, 2022

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This Mother’s Day, we wanted to share the story of Lisa, a mother of three children in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, who joined our Digital Jumpstart program to brush up on her computer skills to maintain employment.

Through Digital Jumpstart, Lisa received a new laptop, keyboard, mouse, and a riser. She began lessons on topics including file management, computer maintenance, Microsoft Word, Google Lens, and Google searching.

Digital Jumpstart participant LisaHer favourite moments, however, were in learning how to use Microsoft PowerPoint to turn presentations into videos. She used the skills she learned to make a video for her son’s birthday, chipping away a little bit each week, transferring photos from her phone and on Google Drive, making all the details perfect.

When her son came for dinner, she connected her laptop to the TV through an HDMI cable — something she learned she could do from her lessons — and showed the video to her son.

“My son loved it, like the look on his face was better than any gift I gave him,” she says. “It felt good.”