Thank you ISM Canada and IBM Canada!

On Sunday, April 15, a team of 20 employees from ISM Canada (new window) participated in Canada’s largest 10K race, the Vancouver Sun Run (new window).  As each runner passed the finish line they didn’t just celebrate their race times, but also the fact that they raised over $1,000 for the Neil Squire Society (new window)!

ISM Canada cheque presentation at the Neil Squire Society

Back Row (left to right): Chad Leaman, Bev McPhee, Alexi Thomas, Addil Karmali - Front Row: Milad Hajihassan

The team consisted of 20 employees from ISM Canada, and partner company, IBM Canada (new window) in the lower mainland. “These extraordinary folk didn’t want to simply run for fun” says Bev, Vice President of Customer Experience at ISM Canada. “They wanted to be able to contribute to the community in some way that reflected their commitment to the work they do every day.”

ISM Canada, together with their IBM partner, manages all of the Deskside Support Services for Health Shared Services BC. This includes technical support for approximately 55,000 workstations and over 100,000 end-users in BC’s Health Authorities. “The Neil Squire Society would be a perfect fit, linking both health and IT,” suggested Addil, an ISM Canada employee and Neil Squire Society volunteer.

Addil knew the moment that the staff at ISM Canada wanted to run for a positive cause, Neil Squire Society would be the perfect connection. Addil was first introduced to the Neil Squire Society as a Distance Computer Comfort tutor in August 2011. Since then, he has supported the Neil Squire Society in many different ways. He continues to organize the donation of unwanted LCD flat screen (new window) computers from IBM Canada to the Computer Refurbishing Program at the Neil Squire Society.  These computers are restored and used in the distance learning Employ-Ability Program.

The theme of the team was “IT Matters.” “What we learned through this great experience is that funds raised were a secondary benefit,” says Bev. “What really matters is the opportunity to participate in our community; to channel the human-ness that’s expressed every time we look outside of ourselves and extend our energy to others. The community is working together, and now 20 more people have become aware of the great things the Neil Squire Society does.”

The Neil Squire Society is very honoured to represent the theme, “IT Matters.”  “Addil and ISM Canada have made a significant impact in a variety of ways at the Neil Squire Society.  “We cannot thank the employees of ISM Canada enough for this unique and touching contribution,” thanks Chad Leaman, Director of Development at the Neil Squire Society. Bev ends our conversation on a very appreciative and inspiring note, “Thank you, Neil Squire Society for graciously allowing us to contribute to your mandate and to be part of the rich community you are helping create.”