Loving to Learn Again

August 10, 2016

Trudy didn’t just become more confident on a computer in the Neil Squire Society’s Distance Computer Comfort program, but re-ignited a passion for learning. “I learn more,” she says. “I think it just opened me up and widened the horizon.”

She came to the Neil Squire Society in May of 2015 wanting to improve her computer skills and computer literacy. Although she has some sight and can see the computer screen, Trudy has had severe vision issues since 1998, and is legally blind.

“They were really helpful, patient, trying to help me with what I needed,” she explains. To make her computer use easier, she uses ZoomText (new window) and Kurzweil (new window) assistive technologies (new window).

“I could go back to the lesson anytime I wanted to on my computer,” Trudy adds, noting that she can still access her lessons from Distance Computer Comfort anytime she needs them. “I can still do that.”

Now with her widened horizons and new found confidence on a computer, she is pursuing her interest in digital photography.

“All the things I learned through Neil Squire have really pushed that forward.”