Lynn Sets Her Business up for Success With Digital Jumpstart

May 10, 2022

Lynn is passionate about caring for seniors, with extensive experience working with clients in independent living homes. Now, she wants to continue working with seniors and performing respite care services as an entrepreneur in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan.

Digital Jumpstart participant LynnIn 2019, Lynn underwent back surgery where four pins and two rods were installed, and she now experiences back and nerve pain throughout her body. She cannot walk long distances or carry heavy objects without experiencing pain. Her hip and back also seize, which makes bending down a problem, and she needs to take time to rest between chores.

Lynn was referred to Neil Squire’s Digital Jumpstart program from Community Futures’ (new window) Entrepreneurs with Disabilities Program (new window).

Through Digital Jumpstart, Lynn received an ergonomic chair, which has helped with her lower and upper back pain.

Working with a tutor, she learned how to use the computer, how to manage and maintain her Facebook business page, Facebook group, and Google Business page, and how to conduct internet research.

One of Lynn’s goals included setting up a website for her senior services business and she received assistance setting up and managing her website.

Lynn previously felt uncomfortable exploring the computer and internet because she was afraid to press the wrong button or do the wrong thing. Since completing the Digital Jumpstart program, Lynn shared that she is more confident and comfortable using the computer, and feels more confident in her computer literacy skills. She feels more organized, and is more apt to try new things.

Now, Lynn plans to continue going through and reviewing the information and resources that she received, updating and maintaining her websites and business pages, as well as gain more clients by providing excellent senior care services in her local community.