Makers Making Change Update: Sign Up

Have you browsed the new Makers Making Change (new window) website? We’ve started to get a lot of signups and our Projects library is expanding!

Here’s how you can sign up and get involved.

  1. Go to (new window).
  2. Enter your information and click Sign Up.
  3. Check your email to activate your registration.
  4. Select your role(s). Choose from maker, person with a disability, disability professional, teacher, and/or other.
  5. Upload a profile photo and indicate your skills, if applicable. This may include soldering, electronics, 3D printing, etc.

The new Makers Making Change website homepage

The Makers Making Change website homepage

That’s it! Now click on Connect (new window) in the sidebar to search for makers, project requests, or events in your area. Explore the open-source Projects (new window) library and make a device for a person with a disability. Or upload your own project or idea.

If you have a disability and feel a certain project will improve your life, you can request a build. We’ll connect you with a maker in your community who can build the device for you.

Let’s collaborate!