Makers Making Change Update: Switch Adapted Toys

February 28, 2019

Adapted toys are magic for kids. When a child with a disability uses a switch toy, it is often the first time she/he has independently controlled anything!

On February 13th, with help from some eager volunteers at Vancouver Hack Space (opens in a new window), Makers Making Change hacked 10 toys for children with physical challenges. We’ll be using the toys to train students at our BC Tech Summit build event in March, but ultimately, they will go to children in need.

Do you want to switch adapt a toy? Here are some resources on our website that will give you some direction: Switch Adapting Toys (opens in a new window).

Here are some highlights from our toy hack:

It was Christian’s first time soldering; he hacked a Bright Beats!

A switch adapted bubble blower in action

Kristina and Zee holding up My Pals Scout and Violet