“One day I will be a contributing member of society”

Mirjana, who lives in Summerland (new window), British Columbia (new window), was born with a condition known as cutaneous albinism (new window). Amongst other symptoms, the absence of melanin (new window) in her genetic profile has caused low vision and light sensitivity.

She was introduced to the Neil Squire Society (new window) through an organization that helps people with disabilities (new window) find meaningful employment. “I am now receiving on line computer training to help upgrade my skills. I hope I can find a way to express how valuable this training is to me,” says Mirjana. She is unable to obtain a drivers’ license, so transportation “is always an issue”. With the online training through the Distance Computer Comfort Program, she no longer has to worry about transportation “because I am able to be in my own home,” she says, “The training itself will open so many options for me. I have developed more confidence because the Society (new window) is aware of my barriers and works with me as opposed to a traditional classroom where I have to try to fit in, which is only discouraging, humiliating, stressful, and belittling.”

The members of the Society have been professional, helpful, kind and I feel encouraged and confident that one day I will be a contributing member of society,” says Mirjana.