Anyone with a Physical Disability can Learn How to use a Computer… For Free!

May 10, 2010

The Neil Squire Society is excited to announce that its longest running program, Computer Comfort, will soon be growing. Computer Comfort is a free program, providing an opportunity for people with physical disabilities to learn basic computer skills. Participants are matched with a volunteer tutor who they work with one-on-one once a week. There is no set curriculum for the program. Instead, participants work on their own pre-determined computer goals.

Recently, the Neil Squire Society received funding from the Office of Literacy and Essential Skills (new window) , a branch of Human Resources Skills Development Canada (new window). This funding will help us grow theComputer Comfort program to an online program. Through e-Learning and the internet, volunteers and people with disabilities can connect in real-time, from across Canada.

“Improving literacy and essential skills gives people greater self confidence, and that is often the first step to success,” said Senator Martin (new window) , who delivered the news at our Burnaby office in February. “This kind of training gives learners the opportunity to fully participate in the workplace and in our society.”

Starting in early fall, the Neil Squire Society will work with a large network of disability partners to deliver computer tutoring online to people with disabilities. Participants will be able to enter an online classroom from anywhere there is an internet connection—one of our regional offices, a partner site, even from their own homes. Over the next year, the Neil Squire Society hopes to reach up to 75 people through this expansion and help them improve their computer skills.

“The power of the internet and information communication technology has changed the way people can connect to each other,” says Chad Leaman, who is coordinating the project for the Neil Squire Society. “This program will assist people with disabilities in learning these new technologies.”

For more information about this program, including information about how you can volunteer or participate, please contact Chad Leaman of the Neil Squire Society at 1-877-673-4636 or at