Comments for the Accessible Mobile Devices Procurement Checklist


The Neil Squire Society (NSS) is developing a document that proposes a process for the procurement of accessible mobile devices. The goal of this document is to address existing issues with accessible information and communication technology (ICT), reference best practices, and suggest ways to evaluate the level of compliance with the proposed procurement process for new accessibility solutions that may be created in the future. The document, titled Accessible Procurement of Mobile Devices, is supported by funding from the Advancing Accessibility Standards Research Program of Accessibility Standards Canada (new window).

NSS is holding a public commentary period on the draft document and is inviting all industry experts to submit their comments on the proposed procurement process for mobile devices. Additionally, NSS is requesting comments on suggested modifications to existing accessibility requirements for ICT products and services with a focus on mobile devices (smartphones, features phones, tablets) that had previously been published in the European Standard for Digital Accessibility (EN 301 549). The EN 301 549 standard is under review to be adopted as the standard to cover the procurement of accessible ICT by the government of Canada.

Interested parties who wish to provide comments on the “Accessible Procurement of Mobile Devices” draft document may do so by downloading the draft document and the comment form to their device (links below). More detailed instructions for appropriately filing comments are included in the downloadable comment form document. Note that only comments written in the comment form will be taken into consideration.

Download the draft standard (Word format).

Download the comment form (Word format).

Once you have read the document and filled out the comment form, please email your completed comment form to with “Accessible Procurement of Mobile Devices – Comments” in the subject line. Kindly note that the deadline to submit comments is on or before November 30th, 2022.

Please contact Harry Lew from NSS at should you have any questions.