Voice Recognition Project

Project Overview

This project focused on the development of a PC-based voice recognition system and the evaluation of this system in adverse background conditions.

Recent developments in human machine interfaces have included the emergence of computers which can respond to and interpret voice commands. Part of the Research and Development group worked in the Speech Research Centre, Institute for Aerospace Research, National Research Council, on a novel method of recognizing voice commands by computer. The research has resulted in a speech recognition algorithm which, in high background noise environments, has markedly superior characteristics to those used in existing voice recognition systems. The Research and Development staff designed and built prototype hardware and software for a stand-alone system which can be used to provide voice input to computer-based systems. This technology has significant potential for operators who cannot use manual controls, such as those with high level spinal cord injuries. Due to high commercialization costs, this project was put on hold in 1997. Periodically, this situation is re-evaluated in terms of need, performance and cost to determine if this project should be re-opened.



Primary Contact

Harry Lew

Financial Support

Defence Research Establishment Ottawa (new window), Department of National Defence (new window) (CRAD), National Research Council of Canada (new window), Industry Canada (new window)