Sheldon Begins Carving Out a Better Life

Employ-Ability Participant, Sheldon

Sheldon’s Self Portrait

Sheldon, who lives in Regina, Saskatchewan (new window), has a serious back injury (new window). He credits the Employ-Ability Program for “helping me identify solutions to my disability challenges by allowing me to explore my career, my education and my life experiences, revealing to me that I can still learn new skills.”

“The Employ-Ability Program has reminded me of the work skills that I acquired and fine-tuned throughout my career,” says Sheldon. “It has also helped me realize that I can and have done a lot more than just masonry (new window) work.”

Sheldon gained knowledge and skills in resume building, job seeking, and interviewing. “I have opened my eyes to many career choices that I would have never thought about,” he says. “It has provided an education on all types of diversity and how similar and how different we all can be. I saw a difference in almost all my classmates with an improvement in their confidence and their participation levels from the start to the end of the program.”

Sheldon plans to continue using the skills that he’s learned in the program to further his goal of becoming a photographer (new window)/photojournalist (new window), and “carve out a better life for me and my loved ones.”

Good luck on your journey, Sheldon!