Employ-Ability Participant, Kerri

September 28, 2015 Kerri Navigates Employ-Ability with JAWS

Kerri lost her vision when she was ten months old due to a bone disease. The disease damaged her optic nerve which permanently affected her vision.

Employ-Ability Program Participant, Guy and Program Facilitator, Polly Beach

September 21, 2015 Guy Embarks on his Second Career

“My first career, of over twenty years, was as a sales representative in the field of communications,” says Guy. “I am now embarking on a second career having obtained a Bachelor of Social Science degree from the University of Ottawa.”

Employ-Ability Participant, John

September 14, 2015 John Lands Three New Positions

John entered the Neil Squire Society’s Employ-Ability Program (now known as the Working Together Program) without a clear idea of what type of career he should pursue.

Employ-Ability participant,Tracy

September 7, 2015 Tracy Lands Two Jobs

Tracy, a mother of two, lives in the northern community of Pinehouse Lake, Saskatchewan. She heard about the Neil Squire Society’s Employ-Ability Program (now the Working Together Program) through a friend who was a past participant. “Now I am proud to say I am a graduate of the Employ-Ability Program,” she says.

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