Yes you have skills to offer an employer! December 4, 2013

Kevin came to the Neil Squire Society after a long hiatus from the workforce. Kevin has brittle diabetes and the unpredictable nature of his health has made it difficult to sustain long term employment.

High school student discovers his interests June 5, 2013

Joey came to the Neil Squire Society through a high school work placement. It was a short and sweet visit, but Joey would like to come back and do more volunteering in the Computer Comfort Program or with the Computer Refurbishing Program.

Even volunteers find employment at the Neil Squire Society April 25, 2013

Ryan became a volunteer for the Distance Computer Comfort Program to expand on his work experience in hopes of finding employment. With a background in IT, Ryan knew that volunteering at the Neil Squire Society would be the perfect fit for him.

A volunteer who just keeps giving April 23, 2013

Jonas, a recent university graduate, found it hard to find work without more experience. He knew that the best way to gain experience would be by volunteering.

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