“There is always someone willing to help you”

Meet Atif, a recent graduate of the Virtual Employ-Ability Program. At the age of 15, Atif was diagnosed with Ataxia (new window), a disability that affects muscle control. He uses a motorized wheelchair to get around, and he experiences tremors mainly in his right hand and as a result finds it extremely difficult to write. Atif achieved a Computer Programming Diploma from Centennial College (new window) in Toronto (new window).

Atif, Virtual Employ-Ability ParticipantIn October 2014, Atif entered the Virtual Employ-Ability Program and quickly learned how to use our distance learning technologies. According to Atif, the content and online delivery method was a perfect fit for him. It provided the opportunity to move through the content at a pace that was comfortable for him, and also provided the opportunity to work on his time management and organizational skills.

Atif developed his skills portfolio, recognizing the numerous skills he has. This experience was valuable in building his self-confidence to effectively present himself as a valuable employee. With a targeted resume and cover letter he is conducting a thorough job search utilizing the various strategies he learned with Program Coordinator, Natalie Ducey. He continues to meet with Natalie once a week, receiving support with his job search.

When asked if there was something in particular he liked about the Employ-Ability Program, Atif said, “I specifically liked the one-on-one approach as Natalie focused on helping me identify my skills and develop a job search plan appropriate for me.”

Atif also encourages other individuals with disabilities to ask for help, stating “there is always someone willing to help you.”

Congratulations Atif on your achievements thus far! We wish you much success as you continue to work towards your employment goal!