TSheets Time Tracker

May 21, 2020

a woman using a smartphone

For individuals who struggle with executive functioning, staying on task and on time can be a real struggle. And, if you are a manager or supervisor, managing individuals who struggle with executive functioning comes with its own unique set of challenges. The app that we are looking at today seeks to alleviate some of those challenges by automating and digitizing timesheets, timecards, and scheduling in the workplace.

TSheets is a scheduling app for Employers, Employees, and solo users. The app is very much designed with businesses in mind, but it could also be useful for students, especially when managing group projects.

When a user logs in to the app for the first time, they will be asked to choose whether they are an employer, employee, or individual user, which help direct the app in how it serves the user. But regardless of what the user selects here, the main features remain the same:

Overview – This is your dashboard where your schedule and time clocked is shown, as well as your daily and weekly totals.

Timecard – Easily clock in or out with this feature. Also supports notes and attachments for visual cues.

Timesheets – View and add digital timesheets. Also supports notes.
Schedule -Add or view your work schedule. Schedules can be color-coded, noted, include location and staffing information, and, the schedules function allows users to search titles, customers, notes, locations, etc.

More – Manage crew and customers, customize your dashboard, and adjust your settings.

TSheets is available to try for free on a 14-day trial. For more on the app including links to downloads via Google Play or the App Store, click here(new window).


This post originally appeared on the AT Help Desk(new window) website.