Vancity and Neil Squire Society

On the 2014 International Day of Persons with a Disability, Vancity’s CEO Tamara Vrooman spent the day working from a wheelchair. It helped her understand some barriers, accommodations and the next steps to further diversifying their workforce by creating an accessible place of work.

[accessibleyoutube id=HDhUJ3JO1dM width=640 height=420 title=Vancity CEO “Focus on Ability” Day]

You can also see the video on YouTube.

Vancity has been one of our longest community partners and a leader in employing people with disabilities. They have:

  • Supported the Computer Comfort Program for over 11 years.
  • Donated computers for our participants.
  • Vancity’s Chief Information Security Officer Geordie Cree sits on our Board of Directors.
  • Worked with us in hiring and accommodating people with disabilities in various roles at Vancity.
  • Vancity CEO Tamara Vrooman is also Co-Chair of the BC Government’s Presidents Group, an advisory group that champions advice, learnings, employment  and consumer opportunities and improved outcomes for people with disabilities.

Thank you Vancity for your support of the Neil Squire Society and people with disabilities.

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