“Hopefully I Can Come Back Next Year”

Jasjit is a Burnaby (new window) high school student currently enrolled in the Burnaby School District’s Computer Support Technician Program (new window). With an interest in computers, Jasjit joined the program because it is designed to train students to become IT technicians (new window), and provides them with the opportunity to complete 120 hours of work experience. This is the second year that the Neil Squire Society has partnered with the Burnaby School District Computer Support Technician Program (new window), and Jasjit is the ninth student from the program to volunteer with the Neil Squire Society (new window). “I gained a lot of valuable skills here,” says Jasjit, “I can take these skills and use them further on if I decide to go into a computer facility, and be able to learn more about computers.”

Jasjit said that volunteering at Neil Squire Society was a “fantastic experience.” Not only did she meet and work with “a lot of great people,” but learned how technology is adapting to accommodate different disabilities (new window) and how “people with different types of disabilities can use a computer by using special programs like dragon (new window), and special keyboards and mice.” Jasjit found the whole experience “really interesting.”

Jasjit left the organization with a positive impression and these last words, “over all it was a pleasure working at the Neil Squire Society. Hopefully I can come back next year or some other time and gain more experience. Thank you.”

Thank you Jasjit! Hopefully we will see you again soon.