Anna “excited for the future” with a sense of direction

“For the first time ever, I’m excited about the future,” shares Anna.

anna-3-1Since graduating from high school, Anna had applied for a variety of jobs, and though she had wonderful recommendations, she was unable to find steady employment.

Referred to the Neil Squire Society by her Community Services Youth Supervisor, she turned to the Society’s Prairie Region Office in Regina, Saskatchewan for help. Anna has a learning disability (new window) and requires repetition and practice to acquire new skills.

However, in her first meeting with her Case Manager, the Case Manager saw that Anna was willing to work very hard to prove to an employer that with proper training she would be an asset to the workplace.

She showed a passion for pursuing a career in Auto Mechanics, but had no direction or career path to her goal.

Anna began working with a Job Developer. They worked together to construct a resume and cover letter, and determine what steps she needed to take to pursue her career goal.

Over the course of a few months, Anna’s confidence improved. She now feels comfortable approaching employers to ask about job and training opportunities. She recently attended some job fairs and was enthusiastically engaging with recruitment personal.

Now, she has a clear plan of returning to school to obtain her automotive technician training with the Saskatchewan Indian Institute of Technology (new window) (SIIT), and has already completed her Safety Construction Orientation Training (new window). She is looking forward to the next component of her training.

Anna says that she would recommend the Working Together program to others.

“I couldn’t have done this alone. I didn’t know where to start,” she explains. “The Working Together program has opened up a whole world of opportunity for me.”