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A child wearing headphones, seated at a desk, watching a teacher gesturing towards a blackboard

Nearpod Interactive Instruction

September 16, 2021

Nearpod is a unique and interactive learning dashboard that offers a wide variety of activities, assessments, videos, lessons, reports, and more.

picture of a LipSync with a Switch Input Module installed

Introducing the LipSync Switch Input Module

September 16, 2021

For some potential LipSync users, sipping and puffing into the mouthpiece can be difficult or even impossible. To allow them to take advantage of the LipSync, we’ve designed a LipSync Switch Input Module.

A child using headphones, looking at a laptop, seated at a table

Simple Sentence Builder

September 9, 2021

Simple Sentence Builder is a reading/writing app that allows students to build sentences by selecting dragging and dropping words and phrases into their proper place.

A LipSync is mounted in front of a TV which is a displaying a racing video game

Welcome to LipSync V3.0

September 2, 2021

Makers Making Change have been working hard to improve the LipSync and are proud to announce the open beta release of LipSync V3.0 firmware.

A student seated at a desk, using a smartphone. In the foreground is a laptop and a stack of books

Freedom: A Productivity App

July 30, 2021

Freedom is a productivity app that allows users to easily block distracting websites, apps, or WI-FI. And because the app syncs across all your devices, it’s a lot harder for users to “trick” the app and visit a blocked site or app.

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