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Home Office Ergonomics Part 2

April 23, 2020

You will want to maintain your wrists at a natural angle when typing. Your hands should be as straight as your forearm when typing. To assure a proper wrist angle, collapse the keyboard legs so that the keyboard lays flat on the table. Use a palm rest if you have one. If not, roll a medium towel to make a DIY palm rest.

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Home Office Ergonomics Part 1

April 16, 2020

During the Covid-19 pandemic a lot of people will be working from home due to the mandated quarantine measures. Most home teleworkers will have to spend hours a day working on their computers and telephone, but they will not have the proper furniture and equipment to reduce the risks of developing muscular skeletal injuries due to improper body positioning and biomechanics.

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At-Home Learning Resources for Adults

April 9, 2020

We explore at-home resources for adults who are just about to graduate and beyond. All of the resources listed here are either free or offer some free content.

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At-Home Learning Resources for Students

April 2, 2020

We’ve assembled a list of educational resources designed for at-home learning. These resources are mostly aimed at school-aged children, and all the content listed below is free.

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Bridge Communication App

March 19, 2020

The Bridge Communication app takes advantage of the iPads advanced built-in technology to provide a cheaper alternative to traditional AAC devices.

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