Chad Looks Forward to a “Long and Rewarding Career” at the Neil Squire Society

Chad joined the Group Employment Skills Program at the Neil Squire Society’s Prairie Regional Office, unsure of how to begin the process of job-hunting. The program focuses on wellness and disability management. Participants explore a number of topics, such as resume and cover letter writing, stress management, networking, and interviewing skills.

After the Group Program, Chad landed a job—at the Neil Squire Society. Chad recounts his story in his own words below:

Chad at his desk“My name is Chad. I came to the Neil Squire Society because I needed help looking for employment. I had open heart surgery (new window) and in turn, I am limited to what I can do physically. I also have a lot of anxiety now when it comes to my body; I worry about every little cramp or pain.

Previous to attending the group program, I was a manager of a restaurant/bar in Regina, Saskatchewan (new window). After the surgery I was told by the doctors that I needed to switch jobs to something less stressful with lower physical impact.

The people at the Neil Squire Society have helped me with personal wellness, communication skills, and knowing when to disclose my disability. They also helped me learn how to manage my situation when it becomes overwhelming. I learned different coping techniques and how to relax when I get anxious. I had a lot of help with resume and cover letter, as well as interview prep. I had never formally applied for a job in my life and came into the program without a clue on how to go about things.

I am thankful for all of the help that I received from the staff here and I am happy to say that I now have a job as a Job Developer with the Neil Squire Society. Words cannot express how amazing it feels to be able to help others in the same way I was helped. I am looking forward to a long and rewarding career with the Neil Squire Society. Thank You!”