Crystal works her way up at the ReStore

Crystal, who has bipolar disorder (new window) and anxiety (new window), came to the Neil Squire Society looking to learn some new skills and to build her confidence. In order to work on these goals, Crystal joined the Working Together program at the Society’s Prairie Regional Office.

Working Together participant CrystalDuring the program, not only did she meet her goals, but she also polished her resume, learned how to maintain her mental health at work, and even updated her computer skills.

After completing the program, Crystal approached her Job Developer and stated that she was ready to start work. Through a partnership between Habitat for Humanity (new window) and the Neil Squire Society’s Working Together program, she secured a position at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore (new window) in Regina, Saskatchewan.

The ReStore is a non-profit organization that sells new and used building supplies, home furnishing, appliances, and décor donated by manufacturers, stores, and individuals to fund Habitat for Humanity’s homebuilding projects. These items are typically sold for 40-60% less than the retail price.

Originally Crystal’s role would have been to assist the staff in the ReStore sorting through new merchandise dropped off to the store. However, it soon became apparent to the ReStore staff that Crystal had strong administrative skills and that these skills could be used within their organization. As a result, the ReStore staff created an Administrative Assistant position specifically for Crystal.

Now, Crystal enjoys her job, because she likes the staff there and she is able to “work at [her] own pace.”