CSUN Assistive Technology Conference

February 23, 2017

Neil Squire Society’s Director of Development, Chad Leaman, will be presenting at the 32nd annual CSUN Assistive Technology Conference in San Diego (new window) next week.

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference 2015

The CSUN Assistive Technology Conference is the largest and longest running conference focusing on assistive technologies to help people with disabilities. It regularly draws 4,500+ people a year, and brings together a wide range of people from researchers to practitioners to users.

Chad’s presentation will be on how low-cost electronics and 3D printers allow “makers” to design affordable custom access solutions with people with disabilities to meet their goals.

DIYAbility (new window)’s John Schimmel will be presenting with Chad. The two met at the Hackaday contest in New York City, and found that they shared a lot of common ground. DIYAbility is working with people with disabilities and supporting them in becoming makers, and have released accessible video game controls, DJ tables controlled by a wheelchair, and other innovations. They too are connecting people with disabilities to makers to create positive change in the lives of people with disabilities.

If you happen to be in San Diego that week, come visit our session, “The Maker Movement and Assistive Technology (new window)” at 2:20 pm Thursday, March 2nd.

CSUN Assistive Technology Conference