David’s Dream Turns Into A Reality

Laureen and DavidDavid heard about the Neil Squire Society from a friend who highly recommended that he take advantage of the “amazing services that they provide for people with physical disabilities“. David didn’t consider himself to have a disability, even though he had limited movement due to a stroke (new window). “I finally accepted my limitation and made an appointment with Munesh in Computer Comfort, as I desperately needed help with my iPad (new window),” says David.

Munesh recommended that David take the Computer Comfort Program and work with a volunteer who would show him how to use his iPad (new window). David soon began working with Joe, who was an “angel,” says David, “because he was very patient with me and so very knowledgeable. I felt much relieved to see how easy it can be to use new technology”.

David wanted to start a business as a translator, and soon realized that he would need to update his resume as his resume was “hopeless.” David was referred to Neil Squire Society Job Developer, Laureen McCleery. “She walked me through the process of writing a targeted and branded resume. I appreciate how she validated my expertise which made the process of creating a resume an enjoyable experience versus pulling teeth,” says David. “She made the experience a peer opportunity, and working together was genuine, awe inspiring, and motivational

David at the Neil Squire SocietyDavid “was pleased as punch” when Laureen showed him how to make his own business card with a logo that matched his resume. ”I felt like my dream was turned into reality when she presented me with my professional resume / business card in the portfolio that we had created together”.

David soon realized “my dream was turning into a clear reality. Now I am David Jacobs, Translator, ready to start my business! Thank you for giving me dignity, Laureen”.

Best of luck to you, David!