eAccessibility Course with David Berman

November 5, 2019

Learn eAccessibility graphic

David Berman will convince you why universal design helps everybody; to comply with new laws (including the refreshed Section 508, the upcoming Accessible Canada Act, and the next deadlines for AODA), to broaden your audience, to drive down costs, and to fulfill our social responsibility and inclusion commitments. He will provide in-depth familiarity with W3C WCAG success criteria (including the new WCAG 2.1), as well as ADA, Section 508, and AODA requirements.

Knowing how to follow the guidelines will result in your documents and webpages being more effective resources for your entire audience… including your most frequent visitor: Google. You’ll also gain familiarity with the assistive technologies that help people with specific disabilities and difficulties.

The course platform is GoToWebinar.

The course will be hosted on Tuesday, November 26th. The regular ticket price is $330. Use the discount code NEILSQUIRE to get your ticket for $200: https://wcag2.com/2019-november-26-accessibility-course-online/ (new window)