Employ-Ability Student Lands Sony Job

Employ-Ability Participant Tyler wearing a headsetAfter graduating from the Employ-Ability program, Tyler launched his new career at Sony Playstation’s online gaming network (new window) as a platform monitor.

Tyler was able to take the Neil Squire Society’s Employ-Ability program via distance learning from Independent Living Vernon (new window). Tyler flourished in Independent Living Vernon’s (new window) safe environment and was free to be himself. As he got more comfortable with his skills, Tyler took on a classroom assistant role, supporting other students with their work and troubleshooting technical problems.

Every day, Tyler arrived at Independent Living Vernon’s (new window) doors the moment they opened and stayed until the moment they closed. When not busy helping local classmates or staff, he explored an online virtual world called Second Life (new window).

Second Life (new window) has a user-base of over 4.6 million people worldwide and has thousands of entertainment and business applications–some universities have even moved their course delivery mechanisms to this virtual environment. Far from just a video game, Second Life (new window) provided Tyler with a place to develop real communication and interpersonal skills.

The confidence Tyler gained and the presence he created in this online world led him to a paying position with Sony Playstation Network (new window) as a platform monitor. His job is to ensure that the online gaming environment is a safe, slander-free, fun environment for all gamers.

Tyler cites the experience he gained in the Employ-Ability program as the major stepping stone to his current position with Sony (new window) , a position that supports Sony customers around the world.

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