Gale Overcomes a Lifelong Impairment

July 16, 2009

The Neil Squire Society’s Employ-Ability program recently helped Gale in Saskatchewan overcome a lifelong impairment and venture out into the workforce with renewed confidence.

Throughout her childhood and adult years, Gale struggled with depression (new window). It impacted her work and relationships with family and friends. “It definitely affected my life” says Gale, “I had low self-esteem and low confidence.” Additionally, Gale was diagnosed with a learning disability (new window) –short-term memory loss–which diminished her performance at work. She became frustrated with her inability to remember information long enough to complete required tasks. “There were several episodes of anxiety and panic attacks” says Gale. “I struggled at the workplace in completing assignments, socializing with people, as well as speaking at staff meetings and group functions.” Ultimately, Gale was unable to complete a contract position and found herself out of work.

After some careful thought, Gale enrolled in the 12 week Employ-Ability program at the Neil Squire Society in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. She enjoyed participating in group discussions and benefited from the encouragement. “My confidence grew over time with completing the assignments successfully. The panic and anxiety attacks subsided tremendously and I gained the tools I need to be successful.”

Gale recently interviewed for a position as a receptionist at the Canadian Mental Health Association (new window). She reports that this is something she could not have done without the support and increase in self-esteem she attributes to her time in the Employ-Ability program.

We wish Gale all the best.

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