A Holistic and Healing Experience

Neil Squire Society participant, KevinIt all began innocently enough with an opportunity to learn how to use a computer”, says Kevin, when recounting his experience at the Neil Squire Society. “I am from the pre-cellphone generation, so the Computer Comfort program gave me a chance to improve my computer skills.” While being patiently walked through the ins and outs of computers, Kevin was given the opportunity to join the Employ-Ability program.

This is when matters really began to take on a life of their own”, Kevin says as he remembers how he was guided by facilitators; Chris, Laureen and Lissa.

Neil Squire Society participant, KevinKevin managed to expand upon his knowledge and learned so much more than just computer skills. He learned about job markets, resume preparation and creation, and he received guidance in the art of the interview and successful networking; all this while enjoying the camaraderie of classmates and facilitators who shared insights and experiences with each other. “The Neil Squire Society experience, for me, was about recovering not only life but aspects of me that I had almost forgotten existed”, says Kevin.

The Employ-Ability program gave Kevin new resources and skills to apply to change his life in “positive and practical ways”, it also “empowered me to make some good changes in my life”, says Kevin. “The Neil Squire experience is indeed a holistic and healing experience recovering life and the ability to join in my community in a new and proactive way.”

Kevin’s story at the Neil Squire Society continues to evolve.