“I had no idea what my profession would be”

August 15, 2011

I was facing a lot of life issues and started to feel like things were becoming hopeless,” says Amelia, who at 21 was working towards a geography degree at Kwantlen Polytechnic University (new window), and also looking for a part time job to support her tuition costs and living expenses. “I had no idea what my profession would be, and was having a hard time finding a job by myself.

Amelia sitting in front of a computerAmelia has osteogenesis imperfecta (new window), a genetic bone disorder. As a result of this, she deals with mobility and pain issues.

Amelia happened upon a Neil Squire Society (new window) pamphlet at the library and contacted Christ Wright, the Employ-Ability Program Coordinator in Burnaby, British Columbia (new window).

On Chris’ recommendation, Amelia enrolled in both the Computer Comfort Program (new window) and the Employ-Ability program. “In Computer Comfort, I learned how to use different Microsoft Office programs and Dragon Naturally Speaking, which helped me enter text more efficiently using my voice,” says Amelia. “In the Employ-Ability Program, staff helped me explore different career paths. I learned new job skills and how to set employment goals.

Following completion of the Employ-Ability Program, Amelia secured a part-time job with Opportunities for the Disabled (new window). More importantly, however, the Employ-Ability Program “helped me figure out what career I will probably follow after I finish my degree.”  Amelia has plans to complete her degree and work towards a doctorate.

In addition to her new job, Amelia volunteers with the Neil Squire Society as a Dragon Naturally Speaking (new window) tutor, and will be returning to Kwantlen (new window) in the fall.

Congratulations, Amelia!

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