Joey Finds Inspiration and Motivation in Penticton

Employ-Ability Participant JoeyJoey, an energetic young Aboriginal man, was looking for a place that would allow him to focus his energy and provide a supportive environment that would be respectful of his learning difficulties and his brain injury. He found it at the Neil Squire Society’s Employ-Ability program in Penticton, BC.

After completion of the program, Joey was able to secure work as a construction labourer and work site custodian.

The barriers that our clients face are often best portrayed by the clients themselves.

This is Joey’s story in his own words:

My Sucsess

By Joey

My success story went like this. At first I had no job and no motivation to look for one. In September I handed six resumes and waited for a month so far no calls. So there I was with so much free time and so board after a while, just then my dad mentioned this program for people like me. For people how have learning disability, or health problems. At first I thought it was program for computer skills but as we went further into the program it was like my dad described it, for people like me and for other people how other disability’s here have was the place too lure, study, or train. What they do here is try to inspire you to make a career get you ready for the first or second interview in the future. What they do is they teach you computer skills for incase the job requires this skill plus they teach you a thing or two about health care. I cam to this program it wasn?t the school I went too before but it was inspiring after the first few weeks and by the time the program ended they gave me some ideas. And the motivation needed to go and get a job so their my story talk to you next time.

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