LipSync Update: Initial Testing

September 22, 2016

Initial testing of the Lipsync has begun.

Lipsync Electronic

Five LipSync electronic assemblies that will be used for testing. In this picture, only the one on the right has the octagonal coupler that attaches the joystick set-up.

The electronic assemblies shown above are already slated for testing by a select group of users. We’re looking forward to the feedback. While we’ve been working on the LipSync re-design for months now, and we’ve done countless tweaks and modifications to make it better, you never really know what works and what doesn’t until people try it out.

Printed Chamber

A printed chamber from earlier this month using conductive ABS. Our engineers have since made some modifications to the design, but this is a pretty good look at what the LipSync head could look like. 

Recently, we have entered the LipSync into The Hackaday Prize. In addition to a potential $150,000 prize, this contest will help put us in touch with the maker community, and more specifically the open source assistive technology community. To learn more about the contest go to: (new window). Our progress can be found at: (new window).