LipSync Update: Mounting

August 4, 2016

One of the big decisions we are currently working on right now is how do we mount the LipSync to wheelchairs (along with mounting the mobile device). There’s a lot of variables. Physically, you can’t add to the width of the wheelchair, and we’ve got to make sure our mount is safe for the user. But we’ve also got to consider the cost for both the user and maker, as well as practicality.

One of the main things we are looking for are mounting ideas that can be mostly created using 3D printing, and the rest using relatively cheap and easily accessible materials. Here are some of our ideas:

Bare-bones prototype

 The Bare-bones prototype of one of our designs.

Refined version of prototype

A slightly more refined version of the prototype with an arrow rod inside one end.

This prototype is a cylinder device that can be detached in the middle. There are two holes in the side (one in each half of the cylinder), which allow you to put in an arrow rod in each. The rods will act as the shaft of the device. The detachable cylinders make it flexible so that the user can adjust the device. It would act similar to this microphone stand pictured below, but a lot cheaper, and a lot lighter (the arrow shafts don’t weigh much):

Microphone stand

Our next prototype addresses how we mount both the LipSync and the mobile device:

The Prototype with one goosehead

The Prototype with one goosehead.

This version has two holes to allow for two goosenecks. This would mean that the user could mount both their LipSync and their mobile device with the same mounting device. As with the other prototype, this mounting device is also quite flexible.

The key behind the prototypes we’ve shown, as well as others we are developing, is that they can be 3D printed and that the other materials needed don’t cost too much. The other options we were looking at — non 3D printed ones, often from the photo industry — were quite expensive. If we can make a mounting solution that is mostly 3D printed, the cost of making a LipSync will go down significantly, making the LipSync that much more accessible.