Luke Shares His Story

Computer Comfort Participant Luke

My name is Luke, I’m 29 years old, and I am disabled. I have brittle bones which confines me to a wheelchair full time.

Recently I had the opportunity to take the computer comfort course offered by the Neil Squire Society, and of this I can only say it was a blessing. I experienced direct one on one guidance and support in what could have been a very uncomfortable new setting. Just the opposite, I was made to feel welcome, and accepted by everyone I met there.

The facilitators and staff surprised me with how competent and compassionate they were, both in creating a comfortable and safe working environment, while also ensuring the very best chances for success for its students regarding curriculum.

Had I not taken computer comfort, I would have had a really hard time keeping up with the class.

So sincerely, thank you Neil Squire Society,

– Luke

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