Makers Making Change Update: Fix a LipSync

Next week, we’ll meet our old friends at Vancouver Hack Space (VHS) (new window) to repair and complete a bunch of LipSyncs. Not every device is finished at our buildathons, and we periodically organize fix-it nights so community members can help us complete them.

By volunteering to troubleshoot a LipSync, you help a person with a disability (who may be quadriplegic or have limited use of their hands) gain access to a touchscreen device. Plus: around 6pm, we’ll get pizza for our volunteers.

Luke working on a LipSync

Luke, a director at VHS, during a Fix a LipSync event in December 2017. We had fixed 67 LipSyncs at that time!

RSVP on Eventbrite. (new window) Come any time, for as long as you are able.

When: Thursday, July 5th, 1pm – 8pm
Where: Vancouver Hack Space, #104-1715 Cook St Vancouver, BC V5Y 3J6 (new window)

PS: Do you have a chronic condition/disability or care for someone who does? The UBC Health Mentors Program is looking for Health Mentors to share their medical expertise with healthcare students. Mentors meet students twice a semester over a 16-month term, and share their expertise on living with a chronic condition.

Applications are open till August 13th, 2018. Learn more about being a Health Mentor on the UBC website. (new window)