Murray lands a job and is able to support his family again

Murray, a participant from Neil Squire Society’s Prairie Regional Office, writes about his successes, and what great successes they are!

“My name is Murray.  I am from Muskapeetung First Nation that is located 40 minutes north of Regina (new window)in the Qu’applle valley.  I have worked mostly in casinos doing cleaning and being a porter.  In 2007 I slipped on some icy steps and broke my neck.  I was in the hospital for a week and had to wear a halo to hold my neck stable for a month.  Because of the halo, I was unable to work and lost my job.  I was on unMurray and Nikki Langdon, Employ-Abilityemployment insurance for a while and then returned to work a few months later.  It was extremely painful and hard to work after my neck was broken and I was unable to keep doing that job.  I had to quit and look for something that was less labour intensive.  I was unemployed for a while and then heard about the Neil Squire Society through SaskJobs (new window).  I was accepted into the Employ-Ability Program at the Neil Squire Society (new window) in November of 2012.

The program helped me figure out how to make my own resume and how to work with my disability.  I learned how to budget my money and learned how to set goals and achieve my goals.  I learned how to answer questions in an interview and how to do a cover letter.  I improved my self-esteem and learned how to have conversations with people I work with.  I feel a lot better about myself since being in this program.  I am more positive, I like myself more, and have developed many friendships with the group members. I was fortunate to get to know the helpful staff really well. 

I got a full time job last week at CreeLand Mini-Mart Gas station last week. I work security there.  Every hour on the hour I write duties and notes about who comes and goes through the Mini-Mart.  I regularly check out the lot and make sure everything is secure.  I am so happy I have this job and now I get to provide for my family and that is important to me. 

I would like to thank the Neil Squire Society folks for helping me improve my life and achieve my goal of getting a job to support my family.”

–          Murray

Way to go Murray! That hard work paid off.