Nicole Stays Connected With Digital Jumpstart

April 7, 2021

Nicole is an accomplished athlete, participating in running, shot put, and standing long jump events. She received the Dr Hayden award from Special Olympics Nova Scotia (new window) for best exemplifying the spirit of the Special Olympics.

She works in the bakery and as a cleaner at the Canadian Association for Community Living (new window), and works a day a week at a grocery store and a sporting goods store. She also volunteers at a daycare.

Nicole holding up her award and certificate“I like to keep busy and work hard,” Nicole explains.

She has a learning disability, and has challenges reading.

Nicole wanted to connect more with her friends, and her job coach recommended she join Neil Squire’s Digital Jumpstart program to improve her computer skills.

“I wanted to learn how to use the computer better, and to talk with friends, and use Facebook and email,” she says.

While learning how to use social media in Digital Jumpstart, Nicole particularly enjoyed getting to see pictures of family and friends on platforms like Facebook.

“I learned a lot from Neil Squire, and found that Joel was a great instructor. He did a great job!” she says.

Being able to navigate her computer, and in particular, being able to use social media have made a big difference in her life.

Nicole says that since joining Digital Jumpstart her life has become “more fulfilling because I get to stay in touch with more friends.”

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