Nikki and Her Team Help Canadians With Disabilities by Empowering Them With Assistive Technology

October 8, 2021

Neil Squire Prairie Regional Manager Nikki Langdon sitting at her desk

Neil Squire Prairie Regional Manager Nikki Langdon helps Canadians with disabilities find meaningful employment with programs like Working Together. With support from TD (new window) through the TD Ready Commitment (new window), Neil Squire is helping Canadians with disabilities rewrite their stories.

“The people we help struggle with their finances. They are living income assistance cheque to income assistance cheques. So being able to give them the freedom to work and get their own pay cheque and make their own decisions. It’s enormous,” Nikki explains.

“One of our clients, came to us 25 years unemployed, lived on the streets, mental health diagnosis. We worked with him, we got him into a car dealership where he was detailing cars. He was so happy, so successful. A year later, came to the office in a brand new suit that he had just purchased. You can’t buy the smile on that man’s face.

“There is magic and there is a huge impact. When you believe in them, they start to see it and then they start to believe in themselves as well. Most of our staff have disabilities and so we can really relate to the clients in that way. We’ve been there, we’ve walked that path. I have struggled to find employment, I have a disability, I get it. And so I know what it feels like but I also know what hope looks like.

“We have helped over 50,000 people and TD supports us so we can support others.”

Watch TD’s full video feature on Nikki and Neil Squire (new window).

Thank you for the support, TD!