OneNote Now Supports Apple 2 Pencil

May 1, 2019

A woman with an iPad in one hand and a cup of coffee in the other

OneNote has been one of our top-recommended note-taking apps for some time. The app offers many levels of organization, will instantly sync across all devices, and is packed with accessibility features such as dictation and immersive reader. Of course, this app is still evolving, and today we are going to look at yet another new feature which has recently been added to OneNote: Apple 2 pencil support.

In case you haven’t heard of it, the Apple Pencil is essentially an advanced stylus. The “pencil” is especially sensitive to pressure and tilt, allowing users to write and draw with even more precision than with an entry-level stylus. Recently, Apple has released a new generation of Apple Pencil which has improved upon the initial design from an ergonomic and technological standpoint.

With the Apple Pencil 2, users are able to change writing tools by double tapping the surface of the pencil. Unfortunately, upon initial release, that functionality was not available within OneNote. But now, thanks to a recent patch, OneNote users are able to use the double-tap feature on their Apple Pencil 2 device to change their active drawing tools without having to change anything within the OneNote app, creating a more efficient and seamless note-taking experience.

When paired together, these two pieces of assistive technology will allow users to take notes using their voice, text, or by hand via Apple Pencil stylus, allowing AT users to effectively explore note-taking with multiple means of expression. Of course, the Apple Pencil isn’t just designed for taking notes, it’s also designed for enhancing them. The Apple Pencil allows users to highlight, circle, sketch, and generally mark-up any text or photos inserted into the OneNote app, giving AT users access to an incredible variety of note-taking methods.

Learn more about OneNote’s many accessibility features here(new window). Learn more about the Apple Pencil 2 here(new window).