A woman walking on the street using a white cane

Aira: an App/Service for the Visually Impaired

September 26, 2019

Aira is an app/service that connects individuals who are blind or have low vision with remote agents who are equipped with a visual-based dashboard of relevant information related to the user and the user’s surroundings.

A man in wheelchair on sidewalk with a woman walking beside him

The WheelMate App

July 11, 2019

WheelMate uses GPS technology to provide users with an interactive accessibility map that displays nearby accessible toilets and parking spaces.

Woman speaking into her phone

Apple Voice Control Added

June 13, 2019

Among the many tweaks and updates coming for iOS 13, a new accessibility feature would be added to the already impressive list of built-in accessibility features available for iOS

A woman using a calendar on her laptop


May 30, 2019

Calendly allows users to easily schedule meeting and appointments without any unnecessary back and forth emails.

Close-up of woman's hands using an iPad


May 15, 2019

iWordQ is one of our favorite and most often recommended apps for iPad. We often recommend it for students with learning disabilities who struggle with both reading and writing, because it performs both functions so well and is available at a fairly affordable price given what the app can do. In today’s e-bulletin, we’re going […]

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