Participant lands job at Staples

Justin had an eye opening experience at the Neil Squire Society’s Prairie Regional Office. He provided us with his personal story.Justin and Nikki Langdon, Employ-Ability Program

“I had a hockey accident at the age of 13, and became a quadriplegic. (new window) I became involved with the Rick Hansen Foundation (new window) by being an ambassador. That is where I met Nikki Langdon. She and I worked together on Wheels in Motion (new window), and she introduced me to the Neil Squire Society. (new window) After I graduated high school (I took an extra 3 years to finish because of my disability), I was struggling with how to go about finding employment. Nikki suggested that I check out the Employ-Ability Program at the Neil Squire Society and that is how I got involved.

The Employ-Ability Program has helped me realize that a disability won’t hold you back, only an attitude will. It has made me more confident and comfortable with myself. It taught me the specific vocal skills needed in the workforce. Wellness for work is the module that was most beneficial to me. It taught me how to perceive myself and how to be comfortable in my own skin. As well as how society generally looks at each other opposed to how the media and advertising does. The career development section helped me with interview skills, such as how to answer specific questions and how to prepare for an interview. This section educated me on creating a resume. I had no idea how to even start one before coming to the program. The program has also supplied me with a specific keyboard and mouse setup.

Recently one of my facilitators referred me for a job posting at Staples (new window). The human resource department at Staples emailed me and I took the online quiz required for the hiring process. I did very well and they emailed me to schedule an interview. After doing my interview, I was offered an even better position than the one I was originally referred for. With the help of the Employ-Ability Program and the excellent facilitators, I have obtained a full-time position of employment. I am very grateful for the experience and opportunity.

I have left the Employ-Ability Program with a greater understanding of disabilities, and what employers are looking for. I have gained a positive attitude and confidence within myself that I will be able to carry with me for the rest of my life.”

–          Justin

Justin, fantastic news on your new job. Best of luck!