The High-Quad Sailboat

Project Overview

The High Quad Sailboat in action on the waterThis project developed the interface hardware and firmware that would allow a high-level quadriplegic to operate a sailboat.

The High Quad Sailboat was developed in 1993 by the Disabled Sailing Association of BC in conjunction with Alvis Marine. The Neil Squire Foundation was instrumental in developing the sailboat’s sip-and- puff (new window) electronic control system which allows a person with little or no movement below the neck to sail independently. All functions, including setting the sails and steering the boat, are controlled by the sailor’s breath. The boat has been getting a lot of attention since it was first launched in 1993 and many sailors with severe disabilities are enjoying the sport of sailing through the Disabled Sailing Association of BC.



Primary Contact

Gary Birch

Financial Support

National Research Council of Canada (IRAP), Disabled Sailing Association of BC