Steven Finds Success With Distance Learning

Employ-Ability Participant StevenSteven, who hails from Red Deer, Alberta, was born two and a half months prematurely. A lack of oxygen to the brain at birth resulted in cerebral palsy (new window). The cerebral palsy (new window) caused Steven’s feet to be turned inward which meant that he was falling several times a day. It was difficult for him to find and keep a job because he was falling so often. Steven became very frustrated and was going from job to job with little confidence.

When Steven moved to Weyburn, Saskatchewan, he finally had the surgery he had been waiting for his entire life. Doctors broke his tibia in five places and snapped his ankle in order to correctly place them. Steven underwent painful and intense physiotherapy, and eventually learned how to walk again.

In August of 2008, Steven met with Fred Sandeski, Executive Director of the Community Low Income Coalition (CLIC) (new window) and Distance Learning Partner for the Neil Squire Society’s Employ-Ability program in Weyburn, Saskatchewan. Fred discussed the Employ-Ability program with Steven and invited him to attend. Steven jumped on the opportunity and joined the program right away.

During his time in the Employ-Ability program, Steven learned about work skills as well as his own abilities and capabilities. His self esteem improved and he started to believe that he had skills to offer. Steven found great success in the Employ-Ability program, and by the end of it he was offered and accepted a job at Suds City gas station (new window) as a gas attendant. Steven reports that he plans on holding down this job for quite some time as it makes him feel capable and his employer is very accommodating to his needs.

Steven is looking forward to a bright future!

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