Computer Comfort

Computer Comfort Participant, Bhajan

July 7, 2015 “I’m lucky to be alive”

In 2007, Bhajan, who worked as a construction worker his whole life, was doing a routine roofing job when the ladder he climbed up slipped from the aluminum gutter it was resting upon, plunging him 20 feet to the ground.

Computer Comfort participant, Lindy

April 21, 2015 Another Chapter In Lindy’s Life

Lindy was born with severe cerebral palsy. She also has ataxia, poor balance, and poor speech. Originally from Hong Kong, she immigrated to Canada in 1990.


August 13, 2014 A Holistic and Healing Experience

“It all began innocently enough with an opportunity to learn how to use a computer”, says Kevin, when recounting his experience at the Neil Squire Society.

David at the Neil Squire Society

February 12, 2014 David’s Dream Turns Into A Reality

David heard about the Neil Squire Society from a friend who highly recommended that he take advantage of the “amazing services that they provide for people with physical disabilities”.

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