Terry, a born leader

Terry is a military man with a lot of life experience behind him. For 25 years he was with the Department of National Defence (new window) where he did multiple different jobs. Although Terry retired from the military in 1997, he was not ready to stop working. For thirteen years Terry continued to work as a cook in various restaurants around Fredericton.

the words: Leadership Team Success and Motivate on a Scrabble boardAs time went on, Terry began to feel the effects of an old ankle injury sustained on the job in 1988. In 2010, Terry underwent surgery and decided to seek a career change. Even though he loved his work as a cook, the long hours on his feet caused too much pain and discomfort.

Terry first came to the Neil Squire Society (new window) to participate in the Community Adult Learning Program. He hoped earning his General Educational Developmental Diploma (new window) would be the first step to his new career path. After successfully completion Terry enrolled in the Employ-Ability Program to help him figure out what his next steps would be.

In the Employ-Ability Program Terry demonstrated great leadership skills. With Terry’s caring and humorous ways, he made others feel comfortable and engaged them in discussions. Terry is keenly aware of his strengths and is able to articulate them well. There is no doubt that he will be successful in achieving his goal of finding employment as a delivery driver, bus driver, or truck driver. Although Terry may have learned a lot at the Neil Squire Society, the Neil Squire Society’s staff learned just as much from him.