Wayne Bonds with his Daughter through Technology

Wayne has been increasing his knowledge of computers over the past few months through the Distance Computer Comfort program at the Penticton Indian Band (new window)’s Footprints to Technology Centre (new window) a partner site of the Neil Squire Society (new window).

Footprints to Technology participant WayneWayne meets with his Burnaby, British Columbia (new window) based tutor, Caitlyn (new window), in an online classroom once a week. His goal was to be able to communicate online by learning how to use Facebook (new window) and e-mail.

Wayne has a teenage daughter, and he was hoping to learn these things so he could both teach her, and know what to watch out for to keep her safe online. “We started out by first getting Wayne his own e-mail address. He also learned how to use attachments and other basic e-mail functions,” says Caitlyn.

After a couple months, the Neil Squire Society (new window) was able to provide Wayne with a computer of his own through the Computer Refurbishment program so that he could work from home. E-Learning Manager, Chad Leaman, hand delivered the computer to Wayne in Penticton and helped him to get it all set up. “Wayne was over the moon delighted,” says Caitlyn, “with a computer of his very own he could not wait to get started working with it.” With his own computer, Wayne no longer had to travel to the Footprints Centre every week. Additionally, using the computer is an activity he and his daughter can now do together at home.

Wayne’s sense of increased independence and confidence was evident,” says Caitlyn, “we were happy to provide him with a machine he and his daughter could bond over.

Recently, Wayne has been picking different fruits around his area of the Okanagan Valley (new window) to earn some income, and will be starting in the Employ-Ability program at the end of the summer to explore his career and employment options.