“You Have Made a Difference in My Life”

September 23, 2020

“Being disabled is hard,” says Laurena. “Life is not always easy in my opinion.”

After a result of a workplace injury, Laurena experiences pain on a daily basis. “I have Chronic Regional Pain Syndrome. I am in pain every day to which there is no cure,” she explains. “Being in pain every day is hard, having memory issues is hard, trying to find the right words and you can’t speak is hard.”

close-up of person's hand using a mouseLaurena received a suggestion to give Neil Squire‘s Prairie Regional Office a call.

At the time, she was using a keyboard that did not function optimally for her. This meant basic operations such as copying and pasting were proving to be a challenge.

The Neil Squire team recommended an ergonomic keyboard, wireless headphones, speech recognition software Dragon (opens in a new window), and a computer. “Chelsea [Assistive Technology Specialist] has taught me how to use the technology to make my life easier. I find it refreshing that I can reach out if I have any questions or concerns.”

Through her experiences and education, Laurena believes she has found her “true calling”.

“I have decided to learn from my past,” she says. “I am determined to make a difference in the work environment, ensuring that workplaces are safe and hazard-free, by becoming an Occupational Health and Safety Officer. Alyssa [Job Developer] and I have a commitment to reach my goal. I feel that I have another person on my side.”

Laurena feels she has a “great support system” with Neil Squire staff at her side.

She adds, “I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Neil Squire Society, and the kind benefactors that allowed me to flourish with my studies and job opportunities. If it weren’t for the Neil Squire Society, I would be left running on a hamster wheel. I feel that my goals for myself are doable and can be achieved with the assistance of the Society.

“To the donors of Neil Squire, I thank you for your support. Without it, I would be left struggling. I live by a saying: You can make a difference in someone’s life, let it be today. You have made a difference in my life, to which I say thank you.”