A Youth Volunteer’s Experience

The work placement helped me to learn more about computers and communication to other people. It also helped me learn more about programs that can help fix or diagnose computer problems. Teaching other people also helped me experience how to teach and interact with other people since this is going to be useful for customer service. It also gave me experience on how an IT technician works in an office and what environment does an office have. The most enjoyable experience that I got from this placement is sharing knowledge from other people who know more about computers and what their experience is from fixing it. Tips and advices on how to do things also helped me know what other people use to make a hard job easier.

This work placement helped me learn and improve my communication skills with other people. It also tests my current skills and knowledge about computers. This is the first workplace that I really feel the environment of a workplace. I also had a lot of fun since my co-workers have their stories and mine to share. I hope that I can come back this summer to volunteer and try to help out with refurbishing again.

– Clarence, Computer Comfort Youth Volunteer